Enjoy Sports: 7 Ski Resorts Situated Near Vancouver

Vancouver is one of the best places for ski holidays in North America, and the Whistler Blackcomb resort has been officially ranked as the best ski resort – the Winter Olympiad took place there in 2010. However, there are a lot of other spots for skiing, snowboarding and just enjoying the snow situated near Vancouver. Check out the greatest ski resorts in British Columbia…

Revelstoke Mountain Resort

12/04: Revelstoke Mountain Resort

(photo by Revelstoke Mountain Resort)

The mountain is situated in the small town of Revelstoke, which is 5 hours’ drive from Vancouver. Also, this mountain is famous for the highest level of slope in North America. The distance between the highest point and the lowest point is 1,763 meters.

Address: 2950 Camozzi Rd, Revelstoke

Working time: November – April 8am-4.30pm

1 day admission:  children (6-12 years old) – $ 23-29, teenagers (13-18 years old) – $ 48-60, adults – $ 70-82

Silver Star Mountain Resort

Silver Star Mountain Resort

This resort is located in the sunny town of Vernon (5.5 hours’ drive from Vancouver) and is more aimed at family rest. Therefore, if you are looking for extreme, this place is not very suitable, but it’s ideal for the whole family. Skiing, snowboarding, tubing, rental snowmobiles and much more is at your disposal. The difference between the highest and the lowest point is 760 meters.

Address: 123 Shortt St, Silver Star Mountain

Working time: November – March 8am-4pm

1 day admission:  kids under 5 – free of charge, children (6-12 years old) – $ 48, teenagers (13-18 years old) and students – $ 75, adults – $ 92

Sun Peaks Resort

trip to Sun Peaks..

This mountain is located in Sun Peaks, so you need at least 4.5 hours to reach it from Vancouver. This resort is the second largest ski area (just over 1700 hectares) in British Columbia. There are descents of various levels of complexity: both for beginners and those who like extreme. By the way, you can enjoy not only skiing or snowboarding, but also snowmobiling, hiking, open-air ice skating, as well as tubing with a variety of different descents.

Address: 1280 Alpine Road, Sun Peaks, BC V0E 5N0

Working time: November 20 – April 10 8.30am-4.30pm

1 day admission:  kids under 5 – free of charge, children (6-12 years old) – $ 46, teenagers (13-18 years old) and students – $ 74, adults – $ 92

Big White Ski Resort

Fog in the distance

The mountain is located in Kelowna, just within 5 hours’ drive from Vancouver. Big White is the second largest ski resort in British Columbia. It offers more than 17,000 places for housing, 16 lifts, 118 trails and walking areas. Natural snow, mild climate, a huge number of restaurants and fascinating scenery: these features create a wonderful family atmosphere. In addition to skiing and snowboarding, you can also enjoy skating, snowmobiling, tubing, tobogganing, dog riding, and a spa.

Address: 5315 Big White Rd, Kelowna

Working time: November – April 8am-8pm

1 day admission: children (6-12 years old) – $ 51, teenagers (13-18 years old) – $ 77, adults – $ 91

Mount Washington Alpine Resort

Mt Washington Alpine Resort

(photo by anothergecko)

Mount Washington is situated in 4 hours’ drive from Vancouver and is famous for its snowiness: on average, a layer of 10.5 meters of snow falls during the winter. This amazing mountainside resort features snow tubing and downhill skiing in winter, as well as mountain biking in summer.

Address: Box 3069 Courtenay, Courtenay

Working time: November – April 9am-9pm

1 day admission: kids under 5 – free of charge, children (6-12 years old) – $ 49, teenagers (13-18 years old) – $ 69, adults – $ 85

Apex Mountain Resort

Apex Mountain Resort

(photo by Rory O’Connell)

Located within 4.5 hours’ drive from Vancouver, Apex Mountain Resort is one of the best-quality centers for winter holidays. The difference between the highest and the lowest point is 610 meters.

Address: 1000 Stray Horse Rd, Hedley

Working time: November – March 8am-4pm

1 day admission: kids under 7 – free of charge, teenagers (13-18 years old) – $ 64, adults – $ 78

Whistler Blackcomb

It's a long and winding road

Whistler Blackcomb is one of the best ski resorts in the world. It’s located in the Canadian Rockies, just in 2 hours’ drive from Vancouver, near the Pacific coast. This is one of the snowiest places on the planet. The height of the snow cover reaches 914 cm. The height difference is 1530 meters.

Whistler is a huge winter resort, which combines absolutely everything. The territory of the resort is as much as 3.237 hectares.

Address: 4545 Blackcomb Way, Whistler

Working time: November – April 8.30am-4.30pm

1 day admission: children (6-12 years old) – $ 50, teenagers (13-18 years old) – $ 84, adults – $ 99

The Saddle, Whistler

Ski resorts of British Columbia are an excellent solution for a successful winter trip to Vancouver. They offer such amazing activities as skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, hiking, ice skating, and tubing. So, be sure that your trip won’t be boring! Of course, don’t forget to rent a car in Vancouver in order to reach your favorite ski resort, because all of them are situated within 2-6 hours’ drive from the city.

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