Euro Cup Mania: 2k16

UEFA EURO 2k16 is commonly known as UEFA EUROPEAN CUP 2k16 is the 15th UEFA EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP.  This championship is going to held in France from June 10 to July 10 2k16. Playing in Euro cup is a chance to honor for players because for Europeans this tournament is very important they treat this tournament as the game of life unlike American football. This is for the first time from past years that 24 teams are going to participate in this championship. In 1996 only 16 teams are allowed to participate, but from now it has changed now there are 24 teams. As France is hosting this championship so it automatically gets the chance to participate in Euro Cup 2k16. On 28 May 2k10 France was chosen to host the Championship because of their winning over Italy and Turkey. This is not for the first time that France is hosting Euro Cup championship this is the third time France is hosting this championship, first was the inaugural tournament in 1960 and the finals in 1984 now the third time in 2k16. Also French has won twice this Euro Cup 1first was in 1984 and second was in 2000. The winner of this Euro Cup gets the chance to participate in 2k17 FIFA Confederations Cup in Russia.

Euro Cup Mania 2k16

Bid Process

The hosting team gets selected through bidding. 9 March 2009 was declared as the deadline of getting bids from countries, so on 9 March 2009 four bids had come to host the Euro Cup Championship. One bid from France, one from Italy, one from Turkey and Norway and Sweden had a joint bid, but on December 2009 they withdrew their bids for a reason and on 28 May 2010 France got the chance to host the Euro Cup Championship.

Final Format

As the schedule has been changed, there are 24 teams instead of 16 teams; so many changes take place in the finals. The format that was used in 2012 has to be made some changes because now there are two extra groups in finals, so they have to add one extra knockout round before finals. Now there six groups A-F which contains four teams each and the top two teams from each group gets to the knockout stage. The format which was applied in FIFA World Cups in 1986, 1990 and 1994 is applied in this Euro Cup 2k16 only one small change is there that in this Euro Cup Championship third place play off is present. This championship generates 51 games as different from previous one, previously had generated 31 games and also team knows in advance what efforts they have to make to get their place in the championship.


Every team must have the squad of 23 players and 3 of which must be goalkeepers. The team has to submit this squad to officials at least 10 days before the opening match of the championship so that they can make the list of players and register them and also if any players get injured before the tournament they have a chance to replace them.

This is the process of Euro Cup 2k16 and if you want to see the real madness of people and heart breaking action go and see the championship in France.

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